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DEVICEDGE is a Consulting firm specializing in the Medical Device industry with focus on providing clients with the competitive advantage to consistently achieve desired results. Whether your business is a start up desiring to gain market entry or a major global player striving to maximize market growth, the task is daunting. Changing priorities, strategies and sales generation challenges affect every company. The need to acquire and retain customers is critical to your company’s success. Contact DEVICEDGE to learn how we can help you analyze and provide solutions for your most pressing needs, gain customer insight, and enable your business to gain a competitive edge.

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About Billbill

Bill Shopoff is the President of DEVICEDGE, a global medical device consulting firm. Bill has over 40 years of experience in the medical device industry, the past 5 years as the Vice President of Sales at Exactech. Bill led the transformation of the Exactech field sales channel, creating a highly productive sales team that consistently achieved double digit sales growth.

Prior to Exactech, Bill spent nearly 30 years at Smith & Nephew’s Orthopaedic business. His last years were as President of the $500 million Trauma & Extremities Division. During his tenure as President, SVP of international business and GM of Japan, he focused on sales and marketing, the development and launch of region specific products and emerging markets. Throughout his career at S&N Bill spent 20 years in domestic roles and 10 years in global positions.

Bill spent 5 years at American Hospital Supply at the beginning of his career prior to joining Smith & Nephew.

Bill has unparalleled orthopaedic device experience, with a global reach that includes relationships with Key Thought Leaders in Orthopaedics and a vast network of commercial agents and dealers. He has real world understanding of what it takes to be domestically and globally successful.

We have expertise in:

  • Revenue generation through sales organization structure, rep productivity and coverage programs, training and compensation plans.
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention programs, key account management.
  • Global Marketing, strategy and execution
  • Portfolio management, product design and development
  • Navigating the Emerging Markets
  • Getting Results, revenue, profit and share gains