Corporate Services

Sales Generation

How effectively your company generates sales is a complex challenge. While it is a combination of many components such as portfolio strength, marketing efforts and clinical efficacy, getting the most out of your sales channel is imperative. How you ensure you are maximizing your sales representative productivity and coverage capabilities is essential. How your customer fits into the selling process is vital. Price erosion in the developed countries and low margins in the EM’s has you searching for answers.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Winning and retaining customers can be difficult. Are you focused on early adopters, one surgeon at a time or converting the entire account? What is your innovative edge? Do you have to work through contracts/tenders and product evaluation committees? What support do you offer the sales force? How do you get all members of your team focused on gaining and keeping customers?

Competitive Analysis

Everyone is looking for a competitive advantage. Collection and analysis of your competition’s strength and weakness dictates your strategy. The frequency and detail of your analysis will support your conclusions. Are the market leaders in Europe the same as in the BRICS? Are your cost points competitive with your competition? How does your portfolio meet global demands? How congruent are your development, marketing and sales teams? Traditional strategies no longer work in todays hyper-competitive world.

Global Business Development

Your strategic plan dictates which markets you enter. Are you confident in your market analysis to move forward? Proper implementation is the challenge that determines the results. You have the innovative portfolio, but what will the price points do to your margins? Determining the sales channel sets the direction for your BD team. Supporting your BD efforts expands your global footprint.

Marketing & Strategic Planning

Regardless of the size of your business, todays economic uncertainties and global competition demand a well crafted strategic plan. Emphasis on execution is a weakness of many companies. How do you ensure your strategic and marketing plans are successful? Responsible business leaders need to recognize unforeseen challenges that may arise, forcing a shift in resources and change in priorities. This can create havoc to any well thought out strategic and marketing plans. It is vital to implement the changes without a negative impact on your sales and more importantly without disruption to your customers. How you build flexibility in your plan can be essential in minimizing the consequences that would then effect your results.

Agent Acquisition & Leverage

Wherever your next new market is, performing the proper due diligence for agent acquisition is critical. A poor choice can cost you years of lackluster results. Who can afford to lose momentum? Sales channel familiarity and market expertize go hand in hand. Where do you start ? Who will manage and leverage these new agents for you?

New Market Entry & Portfolio Optimization

Before you commit to entering a new market, does your company possess the necessary skills and competences to be successful? Many companies recognize the need to enter new markets but lack the resources. You need to gain market intelligence, identify attractive customer segments and determine what market taking products are in your portfolio. As your portfolio exist today, how well can it compete in the global market? Does your team have the adequate information needed to make that decision? Perception and value of features and benefits varies by market. Competition already exists; pricing is already established. How are you going to displace share?